Why I am building yet-another-job-board for my college community

For the past couple of weeks, I am working on a new project called Rozgar which is now ready for the initial release. This post is a rundown of what I am building and why I am building it?

What is the project about?

Rozgar is a job board where you can find a list…

Streamlining the process of exchanging messages on world’s largest knowledge sharing platform

What is Quora?

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Quora is a platform that allows people around the world to share knowledge. Its pattern is similar to Yahoo Answers, you can ask questions — other people answer them. There’s a feed to browse through the popular questions.

The Weekend Project

I have been using Quora since 2013 and it is my second…

Story of how I designed Crowd Code, an application to teach programming concepts with personalized content.


My university, IIIT Allahabad boasts of rich programming culture and has housed some of the best programmers of the country. One of them was Harsha Suryanarayana, better known by his handle, humblefool.

Though he sadly passed away at too young of an age, Harsha truly left a mark in the…

How I designed an AI-based service for businesses to monitor social media within 16 hours

About the project

Assist.ly was a project we came up with at a hackathon last year. We were a team of 3 members (Himanshu Shekhar and Madhurjya Pegu, being the other two), I was responsible for the design and front-end development of the product.

Assist.ly aims to reduce the problem of reputation degradation…

Lessons learned from 25 months of college life

College life indeed is the golden period of one’s life. Your life changes upside down, and you finally leave your home to take on the world. I joined IIIT Allahabad in 2015, and know how overwhelming it can get for a first-year student. Away from home, monotonous classes, new faces…

Abhishek Sharma

Product Designer http://abhishk.me

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