Why I am building yet-another-job-board for my college community

For the past couple of weeks, I am working on a new project called Rozgar which is now ready for the initial release. This post is a rundown of what I am building and why I am building it?

What is the project about?

Rozgar is a job board where you can find a list of handpicked jobs and internships for your job hunt. This project is for the community, by the community. People can easily post job postings they come across as well as share openings in their own firms to help the job/internship-seeking students.

The name of the project comes from the Hindi word for employment, रोज़गार.

Why another job board?

My college, like most of the Indian Colleges, has a designated placement season in which companies visit the college campus to recruit full-time employees and interns. The process of getting an on-campus job/internship offer is often competitive, and as a result — not everyone gets an on-campus internship(or job).

As a result, students are forced to apply for off-campus jobs (directly from Careers page or through internal referral). Let’s face it, off-campus Job hunting is tough, and I have personally been through that process a couple of times. For someone totally new to job hunting, which most of the 20-year-old college students normally are, finding open job/internship opportunities can be a tough task.

Rozgar is an effort to help the college students easily find off-campus jobs and internships at one consolidated place so that they don’t waste time in finding job postings but instead focus on the important part, preparing for those jobs.

By the Community

There are times when I see a job opening on Linkedin/Twitter/ Through Friends and Family and I instantly share them with, let’s say Z, who’s currently job hunting.

But what about the other 15 Zs in my college who are also looking for a job? I don’t know them so I can’t share it with them, even if I do, it’s troublesome to send the same text to 15 people. That’s where the idea of Rozgar was born.

It’s not possible to share the job openings with people in my college who I don’t know

Sharing Referral Opportunities

For working students and alumni — the current process of sharing job openings in your current organization is broken.

There are 3 Facebook Groups where people normally float the referral posts. Often people also share the same through emails and LinkedIn posts. This process of sharing the same information on different platforms is redundant and time-consuming. Also, not everyone is active on Facebook/Linkedin so it’s possible that interested students might miss it.

Through Rozgar, I want to solve this problem by pushing it to be a one-stop platform to share job opportunities with the college network.

Rozgar Weekly

Top Jobs and Internships directly to your inbox, every week.

Since the idea is to save the time you spend in job hunting — There’s a weekly newsletter that will send out the best jobs and internships opportunities from last week directly to your mailbox every Monday, so that you save time by not visiting the webpage, again and again, to look for new postings.

Ending Notes

The initial version of Rozgar is live at Do check it out if you are seeking new opportunities or have openings at your place.

I am working on a couple of new features for the next release, let’s see how it goes.

👋 Until Next time!

Product Designer